4 in 1 Mobile phone sterilizers UV-C LED Sterilize box with 15W wireless charger for iPhone/iWatch/Airpods

4 in 1 Mobile phone sterilizers UV-C LED Sterilize box with 15W wireless charger for iPhone/iWatch/Airpods


4-in-1 Iwatch/Eirpods/Iphone wireless charger sterilizer box
•Material: ABS+Acrylic+Silicone
•USB cable length: 1.1M (OD3.5MM)
• Transmission Power: 5W/7.5W/ 10W
• Phone Output (Qi Charging):12V/2A,9V/2.7A
•Wireless charging: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W  (Phone)
• Transmission Distance: 3-10mm  
• Dimensions: 122*76*58.5mm
• Efficiency: 83%
• Frequency: 100-205KHZ

-Smart matching 5W-7.5W-10W-15W mobile phone wireless charging output, compatible with iPhone and Android phones
-Suitable for wireless charging of mobile phone which support wireless charging solution
-QI certificated 
-Reach at 15W fast charging